PM NextG Cal® Frequently Asked Questions

(Summary) Many people who wish to start using supplements get overwhelmed with the sheer enormity of the number of products on the market.    Below are some questions which are often asked by consumers about PM NextGCal®.

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About PM NextG Cal®

What is PM NextG Cal?

PM NextG Cal® is a complete bone health vitamin and mineral supplement for all of your family, which has been specially formulated to target bone density and growth.  It contains calcium and phosphorus as MCHA, and vitamins D3 and K1.  All the ingredients work together to form a comprehensive formula to provide nutrients that your family needs for healthy bones.

Who should take PM NextG Cal?

PM NextG Cal® is useful for sports people, pregnant women or those planning to become pregnant, over 55’s, particularly post-menopausal women and breastfeeding mothers, because of vitamin K1’s ability to transfer to infants through breast milk.

What is natural calcium? Why is MCHA better?
Natural calcium is derived from natural sources, and is presented in the form that is the same as the way it occurs naturally.  In PM NextG Cal® and PM NextG Cal® Kids, MaxBiocare use calcium derived from cattle bones, which are purified and processed into a powdered form of Micro-Crystalline Hydroxy-Apatite (MCHA).  Because MCHA naturally occurs in mammals, it requires much less work by the body for absorption, presents calcium in a naturally occurring ratio with phosphorus, and also contains many other additional minerals that are normally found in bones.
Why is MCHA from Australia better?
Australia has very strict quarantine laws and enforcement procedures at the border, to ensure no diseases and pests that are not yet found here can gain entry.  There has been no incidence to date of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (“Mad Cow Disease”) in Australia, unlike in other parts of the world.  MCHA from MaxBiocare only comes from Australian cattle.  That’s why you can be sure you are getting safe and risk-free MCHA in PM NextG Cal® and PM NextG Cal® Kids.
What is vitamin K1 - what is it for?
Vitamin K1 is a plant derived source of vitamin K. In bone health, vitamin K activates the bone protein osteocalcin, which is involved in the building of new bone.  In this way it supports bone density levels and is an essential addition to the comprehensive bone formula in PM NextG Cal®. Vitamin K1 is especially recommended during breastfeeding as it is transferred to the infant via breast milk.
What makes PM NextG Cal different from other calcium supplements?

Many calcium supplements are presented in very large solid tablets or large capsules, making them difficult to take every day.  PM NextG Cal® comes in smaller-sized, two-piece hard-shell capsules which are easy to swallow, for added convenience.

Formulas Not just calcium!
MaxBiocare’s formula combinations are developed by scientific experts and stringently tested to ensure that PM NextGCal® and PM NextGCal® Kids are effective for bone health and provide optimal calcium absorption and distribution.

Ingredient Sources:
MaxBiocare use only the highest quality ingredients from the safest available sources.  For a full profile of ingredients used in PM NextG Cal®, please visit our Ingredient Origins page.

Bone Health Concerns

When does my family need bone health supplements?

If your diet is low in calcium-rich foods like dairy and oily fish for any reason, bone health supplementation is important. As your child grows, if these foods are unavailable through diet, they may not reach the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for healthy bone growth.
Similarly, during pregnancy your baby is in a crucial state of development that will set the stage for life. Supplementing your own bone health during this important period also helps to improve your baby’s skeletal growth and formation. There are specific RDI’s for bone health nutrients during pregnancy and breastfeeding (see table below).

Menopausal women are particularly prone to bone loss due to lack of adequate blood serum nutrient levels. If you or a family member has reached this life stage, supplementation is advised. Both women and men over 55 years also have lower levels of bone health nutrients in their bloodstreams, so supplementing with PM NextG Cal is a convenient way to maintain the right levels.


What happens if we don’t get enough calcium?
If your family diet does not contain calcium, phosphorus, vitamin K, or vitamin D intakes that reach the RDI, its members may become vulnerable to calcium deficiency.  Calcium deficiency can cause reduced bone density, and may also be associated with complications such as osteoporosis.