5 Facts About Bones That Will Impress Your Friends

Jun 24, 2016 | Blog, Tom_Blog

1. Bones are mostly made of a hard mineral called calcium phosphate. A thick layer surrounds the inner matrix that the marrow calls home.

2. Bones develop throughout an entire pregnancy, but mainly in the second trimester. That’s why you need calcium and vitamin D all the way through your pregnancy.

3. Bones continue to grow and reshape (remodel) themselves throughout life, depending on physical and biological needs. More physical exercise stimulates your bones need to be thicker and stronger.

4. Women and men have differently shaped bones, for different physiological purposes. The hips and pelvis are wider in women to allow for childbirth. Men have a tendency toward thicker and more heavily reinforced bone structure to allow for heavier loads.

5. Bones form a “cage” with the ribs, protecting the internal organs and creating a framework that supports the entire body.